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900gr Cylindrical Dishwashing Liquid ‎

Strong Degreaser/Removes Dishes’ Unpleasant Odor

AVE’s dishwashing liquid ‎easily cleans your dishes thanks to its enormous degreasing and ‎cleansing power and enhanced capability to remove the dishes’ unpleasant odor. The product contains ‎softening ingredients that do not damage the hands’ skin. The mint essence in AVE's dishwashing ‎liquids improves the nervous system, prevents fatigue and offers tranquility thanks to its aromatherapeutic benefits and absorbability through the respiratory ‎system. The menthol existing ‎in the essence has cooling and freshening effects and helps enhance awareness and increase vitality. The ‎outstandingly beautiful packaging of the product, along with its pleasant mint and fruit scents, makes ‎dishwashing an enjoyable activity for you.

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