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Ave is a brand of hair, skin, body health and dishwashing liquid products by Pakshoo Industrial Group, introduced to the Iranian market in 1999.
Its presence in the market next to large international brands is owed to extensive research and tireless effort by our colleagues in Pakshoo Company who have developed products that match their imported counterparts in terms of quality.
The superior quality of Ave products has rapidly made it into an effective brand in the domestic and regional washing products markets. From its beginnings, this brand has tried to focus primarily on customers’ needs; then, by focusing on research and development, it aims to meet the daily needs of the market. Ave’s goal is continuous progress and improvement to increase customer satisfaction and to create value for its consumers. Ave takes age groups into consideration so it can provide products that meet specific needs.
Currently, Ave is the country’s leading brand in handwashing liquids as well as being the first producer of handwashing foam and creams as new generation of handwashing liquids.
Furthermore, Ave holds a large share of the country’s shampoo and dishwashing liquids markets. In the beginning, this brand started off by producing baby shampoos, handwashing liquids and dishwashing liquids before completing its product basket. Currently, Pakshoo’s Ave branded product basket includes a variety of shampoos, hair conditioners, handwashing liquids, handwashing foams, bodywash and dishwashing liquids.
Tehran, Shahid Beheshti Street, Pakistani Street, Second Dead End, No. 29
post box: tehran 1531638111
phone: 88844444 
E-mail: info@pakshoo.com , info@ave.ir
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{ "group_name":"hair", "group_name_fa":"شامپو سر", "products":[ { "title":"Daily Use Shampoo", "shop_link":"", "canonical":"1", "desc":false, "more_desc":false, "product_id":"Daily-Use-Shampoo", "html_code1":"", "html_code2":"", "seo_desc":true, "extra":[ { "type":"img", "data":"https://www.ave.ir/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/blue-expert.png" }, {"type":"dummy"} ] }, { "title":"Anti Hair Loss and Sebo Regulating ‎Shampoo", "shop_link":"https://www.ave.ir/en/products/hair/Anti-Hair-Loss-and-Sebo-Regulating%20-Shampoo/", "canonical":"1", "desc":false, "more_desc":false, "product_id":"Anti-Hair-Loss-and-Sebo-Regulating-Shampoo", "html_code1":"", "html_code2":"", "seo_desc":true, "extra":[ { "type":"img", "data":"https://www.ave.ir/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/grease-expert.png" }, {"type":"dummy"} ] }, { "title":"Shampoo for Damaged and Color Treated ‎Hair", "shop_link":"", "canonical":"1", "desc":false, "more_desc":false, "product_id":"Shampoo-for-Damaged-and-Color-Treated-Hair", "html_code1":"", "html_code2":"", "seo_desc":true, "extra":[ { "type":"img", "data":"https://www.ave.ir/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/purple-expert.png" }, {"type":"dummy"} ] }, { "title":"2", "shop_link":"", "canonical":"1", "desc":false, "more_desc":false, "product_id":"Family-Hair-Conditioner-AVE", "html_code1":"", "html_code2":"", "seo_desc":true, "extra":[ { "type":"img", "data":"https://www.ave.ir/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/soft-pink.png" }, {"type":"dummy"} ] }, { "title":"Baby Hair Shampoo", "shop_link":"", "canonical":"1", "desc":false, "more_desc":false, "product_id":"Baby-Hair-Shampoo-AVE", "html_code1":"", "html_code2":"", "seo_desc":true, "extra":[ { "type":"img", "data":"https://www.ave.ir/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/minion.png" }, {"type":"dummy"} ] }, {"title":"dummy"} ] },
{ "group_name":"body", "group_name_fa":"شامپو بدن", "products":[ { "title":"Face and Body Cream Scrub Shampoo", "shop_link":"", "canonical":"1", "desc":false, "more_desc":false, "product_id":"Face-and-Body-Cream-Scrub-Shampoo-AVE", "html_code1":"", "html_code2":"", "seo_desc":true, "extra":[ { "type":"img", "data":"https://www.ave.ir/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/creamy1.png" }, {"type":"dummy"} ] }, { "title":"Body Shampoo for men", "shop_link":"", "canonical":"1", "desc":false, "more_desc":false, "product_id":"Body-Shampoo-for-men-AVE", "html_code1":"", "html_code2":"", "seo_desc":true, "extra":[ { "type":"img", "data":"https://www.ave.ir/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/12.png" }, {"type":"dummy"} ] }, {"title":"dummy"} ] },
{ "group_name":"hands", "group_name_fa":"مایع دست شویی", "products":[ { "title":"Creamy Liquid Hand Wash Enriched with ‎Vitamin B5", "shop_link":"", "canonical":"1", "desc":false, "more_desc":false, "product_id":"Creamy-Liquid-Hand-Wash-Enriched-with -Vitamin-B5", "html_code1":"", "html_code2":"", "seo_desc":true, "extra":[ { "type":"img", "data":"https://www.ave.ir/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/creamy-vitamine.png" }, {"type":"dummy"} ] }, { "title":"Creamy-Liquid-Hand-Wash-Enriched-with -Vitamin-B5", "shop_link":"", "canonical":"1", "desc":false, "more_desc":false, "product_id":"Pearl-Liquid-Hand-Wash-Enriched-with -Vitamin-B5‎", "html_code1":"", "html_code2":"", "seo_desc":true, "extra":[ { "type":"img", "data":"https://www.ave.ir/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/sadafi-vitamine.png" }, {"type":"dummy"} ] }, {"title":"dummy"} ] },
{ "group_name":"dishes", "group_name_fa":"مایع ظرف شویی", "products":[ { "title":"900gr Cylindrical Dishwashing Liquid ‎", "shop_link":"", "canonical":"1", "desc":false, "more_desc":false, "product_id":"900gr-Cylindrical-Dishwashing-Liquid", "html_code1":"", "html_code2":"", "seo_desc":true, "extra":[ { "type":"img", "data":"https://www.ave.ir/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/green-dishwash.png" }, {"type":"dummy"} ] }, { "title":"Platinum dishwashing liquid", "shop_link":"", "canonical":"1", "desc":false, "more_desc":false, "product_id":"Platinum-dishwashing-liquid-AVE", "html_code1":"", "html_code2":"", "seo_desc":true, "extra":[ { "type":"img", "data":"https://www.ave.ir/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/platinium-1.png" }, {"type":"dummy"} ] }, { "title":"dishwashing liquid", "shop_link":"", "canonical":"1", "desc":false, "more_desc":false, "product_id":"dishwashing-liquid-3750-AVE", "html_code1":"", "html_code2":"", "seo_desc":true, "extra":[ { "type":"img", "data":"https://www.ave.ir/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/3750-1.png" }, {"type":"dummy"} ] }, {"title":"dummy"} ] },